Festival 2021


Welcome to the 18th Abu Dhabi Festival, the leading celebration of arts and culture in the Arabian Gulf



In 2021 Abu Dhabi Festival returns once again, renewing its pledge to support culture and the arts. As the UAE reaches its 50th year, the stage is set for new investments in creativity and innovation to create a better tomorrow. This year, the Festival utilises the latest digital solutions to continue its work advancing the profound development ignited at the nation’s founding. In new interactive experiences, we present the world’s greatest works of art and culture, carrying the UAE’s cultural vision forward into an innovative future that starts now.


Country of Honour

Country of Honour

Each year, Abu Dhabi Festival recognises a Country of Honour, commemorating its culture through performances and strengthening diplomatic ties as it welcomes esteemed guests and celebrates artistic expression.

Previous countries of honour have been: Republic of Korea (2019), Republic of India (2018), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2017), France (2009, 2016), Italy (2015), USA (2014), Spain (2013), UK (2012), Belgium (2011), Poland (2010), Lebanon (2008, 2006), and Egypt (2007). The 2020 Festival will celebrate all countries that have previously collaborated with it over the past 17 years, highlighting the values ​​of tolerance, openness and humanity that Emirati people hold for everyone. In doing so, the Festival emphasises the vitality of its role in promoting the cultural diplomacy efforts of the UAE, as well as facilitating strategic partnerships linking it with other major cultural institutions and arts festivals across the world.