Karim Rashid is an author and director from Malmo city theatre in Sweden. His performances have been played in several European cities, he won awards for using theater as a method of dialogue between different cultures. He has academic studies on the aesthetics of the place in contemporary theater.


Yasser Al-Qerqawi Director of Programs and Partnerships Department, Minister of Tolerance Office. He participated in more than 15 plays in different artistic specialties. He also participated in the production of more than 10 short films in various disciplines since one year. He also learned and trained in many courses and workshops specialized in the artistic field.


Lina Abyad has a PhD in theatre from Sorbonne University 1995. She is a university professor and theatre director and has won several awards in Arab theatre festivals and participated in a number of international theatre conferences. Lina is also a member of the arbitration committees for a number of theatre festivals and competitions.


Dr. Johanna Sellman is a Professor of Arabic literature at Ohio State University, USA, and a researcher on immigration, literature and theatre. She participated in a large number of international conferences in Europe and America.


Habib Ghuloom obtains a PhD in Theatre Literature from the University of Manchester in Britain. He is an actor, writer, theatre and television director, founding member of the Ras Al Khaimah National Theatre. He has published a number of plays and intellectual studies, including the book The Authentic Elements in Arab Theatre. He held several official positions in artistic and cultural institutions.