Global Oud Forum 2021


Global Oud Forum 2021

25 May until 15 June 2021
Virtual world premiere

A new series brings an ancient instrument to a growing global audience through talks and performances with the musicians, craftsmen and musicologists who make up the thriving contemporary oud scene. Seven episodes organised by Iraqi oud master Naseer Shamma and produced by Abu Dhabi Festival bring together 30 of the world’s most accomplished oud musicians for performances of traditional and original oud compositions. In each episode, they are joined by oud makers working to preserve a 5,000-year-old craft and musicologists who describe the Arabic oud’s rich history, how performers today are being heard by global audiences and what the future holds for this timeless instrument.

The virtual world premiere is part of Abu Dhabi Festival’s efforts to preserve the very best of traditional art and culture and to provide platforms for the most talented Arab artists to present their work to international audiences.

Upcoming Event

Global Oud Forum – Episode VI

Virtual World Premiere on Saturday 12 June 2021 08:00 pm

Episode I

Tuesday 25 May 2021 08:00 pm

Episode II

Saturday 29 May 2021 08:00 pm

Episode III

Tuesday 01 June 2021 08:00 pm

Episode IV

Saturday 05 June 2021 08:00 pm

Episode V

Tuesday 08 June 2021 08:00 pm

Episode VII

Tuesday 15 June 2021 08:00 pm

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Oud master Naseer Shamma introduces the Global Oud Forum 2021