Sombras by Sara Baras

Thursday, 21 March


Date 21 March, 8 pm
Venue Emirates Palace Auditorium

Arab World Debut

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Shadows (Sombras) is a show created to mark the 20th anniversary of the Sara Baras Flamenco Ballet Company. The main theme running through the show is La Farruca, a dance which has accompanied the multi-talented artist from Cadiz throughout her 20-year career, with which she has achieved countless successes and under whose shadow she has gradually and continuously evolved into what she is today.

In Shadows, the virtuosity of her dance is combined with dramatic choreographies, both traditional and modern. The music is nourished by flamenco rhythms and cadences from other cultures, incorporated as a consequence of the same artistic evolution created by Keko Baldormero, the Musical Director of the Company. The set of this first-class production, designed by Andres Merida, will fill the stage with colour and textures, providing a stunning backdrop for Baras, Serrano, and the six dancers and seven musicians.