The Paris Opera Ballet Jewels by George Balanchine (Night 1)

Friday, 29 March


Date Friday 29 March 2019
Venue Emirates Palace Auditorium

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A full-length, three-act, plotless ballet that uses the music of three very different composers, Jewels was inspired by the artistry of jewellery designer Claude Arpels, and the music cleverly reveals the essence of each jewel.

Each section of the ballet is distinct in both music and mood. Emeralds, which Balanchine considered “an evocation of France — the France of elegance, comfort, dress, perfume,” recalls the 19th century dances of the French Romantics. Rubies is crisp and witty, epitomising the collaboration of Stravinsky and Balanchine, while Diamonds recalls the order and grandeur of Imperial Russia and the Mariinsky Theater, where Balanchine was trained.